Will SaltonstallWill Saltonstall

This year, the award goes to the youngest person ever to receive it. Will Saltonstall, a noted Marion architect, served for many years on the historical society board. He became involved in all our restoration projects. He helped design:

  • The Post Office
  • Our new conference room
  • He designed and supervised the Browne Pharmacy renovation
  • Will did the layout for the General Store parking lot
  • He designed the Island Wharf landscaping
  • He oversaw the restoration of the 2nd floor of the SHS building, creating archival storage areas
  • He volunteered for several years as logistics coordinator for the Marion Antiques Show
  • His most recent project was the First Congregational Church Renovation

Will has spent countless hours of his time working on all of these projects and refused to take any compensation. He was able to do all of this while raising a young family with his wife Kerry and running his business. His skills as a talented architect can be seen in many of the other projects he has worked on around town, such as the Converse Realty building, the Main Street Condominiums, the famous Green House on Ryder Lane, the Heath residence and at Tabor Academy, the Fish Athletic Center, the Headmaster’s residence and the Math and Science Center.

Will Saltonstall is truly an incredible individual. He has certainly done a great deal to help beautify and preserve Historic Marion.

Sippican Historical Museum